Commercial Kerbing: Tips to Help You Prolong the Lifespan of Asphalt

Commercial kerbing is designed for heavy-duty usage. Nevertheless, this does not mean that it will be immune to wear and tear without proper maintenance. Since replacement of your commercial kerbing can prove to be quite expensive, it would be economically better for you if you engage in routine maintenance to ensure that it serves your business premises for an extended period. One of the most common materials used for commercial kerbing applications is asphalt. Below are some tips that will help in prolonging the lifespan of this material.

Tip 1: Do not permit heavy loads on your kerbing

Most business will have heavy commercial vehicles visiting their premises on a routine basis to either drop off supplies or pick up products. However, you should not allow these commercial vehicles to drive all over your kerbing. Instead, you should have a specially demarcated area that will be exclusively used as a loading dock. It would be easier for you to fix repairs on a small section of your kerbing as they occur than constantly having to repair your entire business' kerbing. Thus, the majority of your kerbing should then be designated for regular use by trucks and cars. This effectively manages the weight load that the kerbing is exposed to.

Tip 2: Attend to drainage problems post haste

A major risk to asphalt kerbing is standing water. If it is left unchecked, the water stagnant water will eventually wreak havoc to both the surface of the kerbing as well as the substrate underneath. This results in a host of damages including ripples, cracks and eventual potholes. Thus, it is recommended to never let water get the chance to collect on top of your kerbing. Ensure that your maintenance staff carries out a routine inspection of your kerbing, especially during the wetter seasons. Any signs of drainage problems should be remedied as they are spotted.

Tip 3: Routinely seal coat the surface

A mistake some business owners make is assuming that seal coating their kerbing is a one-time cost. The truth of the matter is that direct exposure to the sun will lead to the eventual degradation of the seal coating. If this is not fixed in time, the asphalt itself then begins to deteriorate and this could lead to complete kerbing replacements. Therefore, it is recommended to have your kerbing sealed on a scheduled basis. Not only does this provide a protective layer to the kerbing but it also ensures that it maintains a pristine appearance, which improves the kerb appeal of your business premises.

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