Why Epoxy Coating Comes Out on Top

One of the services that a concrete contractor can provide is concrete coating. As its name clearly implies, concrete coating involves installing or applying a layer of finishing over a concrete surface to improve its mechanical properties as well as its look. If you are thinking about applying coating on your newly installed commercial concrete floors, you may easily get confused by the wide selection of concrete coatings available on the market. While each concrete coating system offers unique perks, this piece will focus on epoxy coating today. 

Here is a breakdown of why epoxy coating is a great choice for your commercial concrete floors.

Epoxy coatings are slip-resistant

Slippery floors, whether dry or wet, are a major safety hazard. They can lead to slip-and-fall accidents, which may cause serious injuries. If one of your employees gets injured at the workplace while walking on the floors, you may have to compensate them handsomely for their injuries. Therefore, it is very important to make sure your floors are slip-resistant, so you can mitigate the risk of your employees or other people falling while walking on the floors.

One of the major perks that epoxy coating has to offer is that it can be made slip-resistant. When mixed with non-slip aggregates, such as silica sand, multi-coloured quartz, walnut shells and glass spheres, epoxy coating flooring systems can improve skid resistance of concrete surfaces and thus help minimise the risk of falls. This, in turn, helps you ensure your commercial floors are safe for everyone, including you!

Epoxy coatings are durable

Epoxy coatings are generally composed of two components, i.e. an epoxy resin and a hardener, which when appropriately mixed and installed, form a tough, waterproof and chemical-resistant finish on the concrete surface. This makes epoxy flooring protection systems reliable when it comes to protecting concrete flooring from heavy traffic as well as exposure to water and chemicals. 

If you are looking for a durable concrete coating system that will bear up well against the abuses of everyday use, epoxy flooring is a wonderful option. 

Epoxy coatings can be designed to look stunning

Modern commercial buildings do not simply require flooring systems that are both functional and nice-looking. Epoxy coatings can come in a wide selection of attractive finishes, including metallic epoxies, multi-coloured quartz floors, decorative resinous overlays, etc., so installers can find something to make any commercial flooring look marvelous. Aside from that, epoxy coatings can be painted in any colour you like.

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