5 Features to Look for When Buying Metal Scaffolding for Your Small Business

If you own a painting company, a window washing company or a similar type of enterprise, you may want to invest in a metal scaffolding frame. There are lots of options on the market. To get off the ground safely and conveniently, here's what to look for when shopping.

1. Ability to Connect Multiple Sets

In many cases, you may be fine with just one metal scaffolding frame when you are first getting started. However, as you take on more clients—especially commercial clients in high rises—you may need the ability to work at higher heights. So this is possible, you need a scaffolding set that can be connected to other frames. That gives you the flexibility you need.

2. Powder Coating

Unprotected metal can rust and break down over time. To ensure your scaffolding lasts the test of time, look for scaffolding with a powder coating. In particular, the coating should be poised to protect the metal from rain and salt corrosion if you work in seaside areas.

On top of that, you may want to opt for scaffolding that has a textured coating. This is particularly helpful on the ladders of the scaffolding as it makes the metal easier to grip for workers who are climbing up and down the scaffolding.

3. Coupling Pins With Spring Locks

One of the easiest to use and safest mechanisms for setting up metal scaffolding are coupling pins and spring locks. To explain, imagine you are holding two pieces of scaffolding. Each one is a hollow bit of metal tubing. The ends of the tubing fit inside each other. To lock together, a pin from one tube goes inside a hole in the other tube. A spring on the pin causes the pin to poke out of the hole, and that prevents the scaffolding from coming apart once set up.

4. Generous Weight Capacity

In most cases, you need more weight capacity than you think you do. Look for the scaffolding with the highest capacity you can afford. Remember, the scaffolding frame has to hold the weight of the deck as well as the workers and their supplies.

5. Optional Caster Wheels

Finally, you may want optional caster wheels. That also gives you flexibility on the job. If you want a stable setup, you can leave the wheels off. If you want the ability to move the scaffolding along the building as you complete parts of the work, you can put the caster wheels on.

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