Concrete Construction: 3 Planning Tips for Your Slipform Barrier Wall

There are multiple benefits of building a slipform barrier wall in comparison to using traditional pouring methods. In general, slipforming involves continuous and uninterrupted poring of concrete into the formwork. Therefore, the resulting barrier wall will be flawless and without joints, promoting better long-term performance. Also, you should note that slipform concrete construction is faster than conventional options. You can complete your barrier wall project within a shorter period. In addition, there are reduced labour costs. Here are simple tips to help you plan for your slipform structure.

1. Evaluate the Building Spot

You should evaluate your building site before commissioning the beginning of the concrete construction. It is important to make sure that the spot you plan to build the barrier wall is suitable for slipforming. The building site should have sufficient space to allow the free movement of the slipform machine during the project. If there are obstacles in the space, you will need to plan for clearance for convenient construction. If there is an existing wall barrier on your worksite, you can demolish it. However, there are professional concrete contractors with the capability to build on the pre-existing wall.

2. Check the Mould Options 

There are different mould options to consider when planning for the construction of the barrier wall. Under ideal circumstances, your choice of slipform mould will be determined by the function and placement of the barrier wall. You might also want to consider the aesthetics of your property. In general, contractors provide a range of standard moulds for slipform projects. However, if none of the stock options match your needs, you can order a custom mould for your construction work.

3. Think About Reinforcing

Reinforcing your concrete wall will improve the performance of the structure in adverse conditions.  In addition, a reinforced concrete barrier wall will last longer. It will not breakdown easily even when exposed to constant stress. Therefore, it is advisable to inquire about the reinforcing options provided by your slipform contractor. Steel cables and bars can be used to create a solid foundation for the structure. It is also important to discuss the concrete mixtures available for the building project. Your choice will influence the strength and durability of the barrier wall. If you opt for speciality high-performance mixtures, you can guarantee longevity and resilience.

Finally, you should inquire about the additional features provided with the construction of your slipform barrier wall. For instance, lighting options are often available for roadway barriers, and protective posts can be installed for slipform feed bunks.

For more information on slipform barrier wall construction, contact your local concrete contractors today.

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