Two Key Items That Every Concrete Contractor Should Invest In

There are a few key items that can be of great use to concrete contractors. Here are two such items.

A remote control for their concrete pumping equipment

Many modern concrete pumping machines come with remote controls that can be used to operate the equipment from a distance. If a concrete contractor has an older pumping machine that can only be operated by using the control panel on its surface, then they should invest in a remote control for this machine. The reason for this is that if a contractor is able to operate their concrete pumping equipment from a distance of several metres, it will be much easier for them to stay safe and to quickly correct any errors that they might make whilst they're doing their job.

For example, by being able to control their equipment whilst standing relatively far away from it, a contractor will be at less risk of sustaining serious hearing damage, as a result of standing too close to this extremely loud machinery, and will be less likely to get doused in wet concrete and suffer the resultant skin burns if they are able to move away from the pump before switching it on.

Additionally, if they realise that too much concrete has been pumped out onto a particular spot and they need to quickly turn the machine off to prevent any further excess spillage of concrete in this area, they will be able to do this instantly with their remote, even if they happen to be standing far away from the pump when they have this realisation. This could then save them the hassle of having to clean up any surplus concrete.

A clean-out ball for their equipment's pump lines

Every concrete contractor should buy a clean-out ball that they can use in conjunction with water to wash any old concrete off the inside of their equipment's pump lines. If these pump lines are clogged up with old, dry concrete, it will take much longer for the wet concrete to emerge from them.

This could lead to the contractor not being able to finish a particular concrete pumping project in the time they said they would. Furthermore, if little scraps of this old concrete get pushed out of the pump along with the wet concrete, this might cause the surface on which this concrete is poured to look textured or uneven. By using a clean-out ball to scrub the pump lines regularly, concrete contractors can avoid these problems.

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There are a few key items that can be of great use to concrete contractors. Here are two such items. A remote control for their concrete pumping equip

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