A Couple Of Things To Look For When Identifying The Right Concrete Cutting Contractor

By virtue of how pervasive concrete is in residential construction, it is only a matter of time until one would require concrete cutting services. Concrete cutting, in essence, is the process of removing this material by other drilling or sawing it off. The service is commonly enlisted during renovation projects, perhaps when extracting it to install new flooring, replacing sections of a wall and so on.

While this may sound easy, the reality is it is much more arduous than you would think. When you factor in the precision required to ensure surrounding structures are not damaged in the process coupled with the immense weight of concrete, concrete cutting should definitely be left to the professionals. But how can you tell that you are hiring an individual with the right expertise? Below is a couple of things to look for when identifying the right concrete cutting contractor.

Is the concrete cutting contractor licensed?

Licensing should be a critical requirement for any tradie you work with, be it a concrete contractor, a roofer and so on. The licensing is indicative of the fact that the concrete cutting contractor is aware of the local laws and regulations that they need to comply with when carrying out their duties.

Nonetheless, some homeowners do not know how to verify that their contractor is licensed so they end up hiring them based on their word, which increases the likelihood of working with an unlicensed person. The first thing you should do is request the contractor for their license number, which you can then verify by getting in touch with your state's board. Secondly, you can take it a step further and enquire about the history of that specific licence from the state board too and they can inform you of any past issues.

How does the concrete cutting contractor ensure safety?

Working with concrete and undertaking in construction, in general, is hazardous work. And although the contractor and their team face the brunt of the risk of injury, any bystanders are in harm's way to a degree. Hence, to keep yourself and your loved ones safe, you need to determine how much of a priority safety is to your chosen contractor. One of the biggest dangers posed to everyone on site is silica exposure. When the concrete is cut, the dust emitted contains silica which when inhaled can lead to severe lung damage.

A good concrete contractor will keep both their staff protected from exposure by investing in the right protective gear while also have measures in place on-site to keep the silica particles from spreading into your home. In addition to enquiring about how the contractor plans to keep the site safe, you should also ask about OSHA certification, as this demonstrates that the contractor prioritises the welfare of their employees too.

For more information, reach out to a local concrete cutting service.

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