The Tips and Tricks For Acid Staining Your Concrete Surfaces?

Staining is one of the best ways of imparting a luxurious look on your concrete surfaces. It often does a better job than ordinary paints and other colouring mediums that only deliver superficial results. Acid-stained concrete falls under this category of decorative concrete. The result is an opaque, solid finish that will coat your concrete surface for an extended period when done correctly. The stain penetrates the concrete and infuses it with luminous tones that will always appeal to the eye. Do you know what goes into acid staining your concrete surfaces? Read on to learn everything you need.

  • Assess the Quality of Your Surface

An acid stain will only work well if you are doing it on the right surface. Some of the tips for this include giving freshly laid concrete a few weeks before applying the stain. You can also proceed when the surface has a consistent light gray shade. If you have a surface that has been in place for a long time and has undergone lots of power washing and mechanical profiling, make sure that it is intact before acid staining. The stain does not hold on to loose aggregate, sand and rocks. It helps to repair such surfaces before acid staining them.

  • Prepare the Concrete Surface

The first step is to prepare the concrete surface to ensure that you get the best results from the acid stains. Start by cleaning and removing all the dirt, debris, drywall mud, sealers, stains and unwanted adhesives. Your stain will not permeate the concrete properly if any of the inhibitors mentioned here are clinging onto the surface. Secondly, do not treat the area using waterproofing agents or clean it with muriatic acid. Both elements interfere with the chemical balance of the acid stain.

  • Apply the Stain

Start by concealing sections of the space that you do not want to stain. Next, put your stain inside the pump sprayer and apply it over a small area, such as one metre by one metre. Scour the coated area with a broom to enhance its penetration into the concrete, doing so repeatedly until the area has a uniform shade. Repeat the process until you cover the whole area. If the space you want to stain is quite large, consider getting a helping hand from a friend or loved one. They can do the scrubbing as you spray the stain. If you're in an enclosed space, make sure you are working from the inside of the room towards the exit so that it is easy to leave when you're done.

To learn more about coloured concrete, contact a concrete contractor.

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Staining is one of the best ways of imparting a luxurious look on your concrete surfaces. It often does a better job than ordinary paints and other co