All You Need to Know About Tuckpointing for Residential Brick Restoration

Brick exteriors may have been around for years on end, but there are valid reasons why it has never gone out of style. For one, brick houses are undeniably beautiful as they have a rustic charm that is hard to create with other construction materials. Secondly, the bricks are manufactured from widely available clay, making these supplies an eco-friendly option for homeowners looking to construct a sustainable home. Moreover, bricks are resistant to pests and fire, which is a bonus for Australian homeowners. However, bricks are not invulnerable to wear. And one of the types of damage that this material can acquire is the deterioration of the mortar that secures these bricks in place. When this occurs, you must seek brick restoration services in the form of tuckpointing to prevent further damage. Keep reading for all you need to know about tuckpointing for residential brick restoration.

What is it?

When the brick mortar starts to degrade, there are two main challenges that it poses. First, as stated earlier, it increases the risk of the bricks coming loose, and this accelerates their degradation. Second, it detracts from the kerb appeal of the house, making the exterior unsightly. To remedy this issue, masonry contractors will start by eliminating the deteriorated mortar and damaged bricks. The site is then prepped for the replacement of new bricks and fresh mortar. This process is what is referred to as tuckpointing.

What advantages does tuckpointing offer?

Firstly, tuckpointing will revamp the appearance of your house by eliminating the crumbled building supplies and replacing them with new, aesthetically pleasing bricks and mortar. Secondly, by installing new materials, the damaged parts of your house are reinforced and this works to restore the structural integrity of the property.

Is tuckpointing employed on the entire structure?

While tuckpointing can be employed on your entire house, it is worth noting that this would be a costly endeavour. Therefore, if you are not ready to engage in a cash-intensive project, you should keep an eye out for signs of brick deterioration so that you can seek tuckpointing services as needed. Typically, the masonry contractors can work on small sections of your house over a prolonged period which helps save on costs over the long term.

Will tuckpointing be a temporary fix?

The answer is no. Tuckpointing is not simply convenient but it is effective too. Hence, once the restoration process is complete, you can expect the brickwork to serve you for decades. Considering that tuckpointing works to reinforce your house, it eliminates the need for premature repairs.

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