Positive Attributes of an Exposed Aggregate Driveway

A home driveway can either enhance or detract from the kerb view. Rather than sticking with grey, why not lay exposed aggregate instead? Here are some of the positive attributes of these surfaces.

1. Strength

You may wonder about the robustness of concrete driveways and whether the same ingredients are used in these areas and other places like pathways. Concrete comes in different strengths, measured on a grading system of megapascals (MPa). Exposed aggregate driveways will use strong concrete that can carry heavy vehicles. If the paving needs to carry massive trucks, it will require higher grade cement.

A concrete driveway will typically also have wire mesh reinforcement inside, making it more robust still. Your contractor will know the appropriate grade of cement to install on your driveway once they know how it will be used. The extra stones and pebbles of exposed aggregate add further reinforcement.

2. Decoration

The stones and pebbles also add to the decorative nature of these driveways. After the concrete is poured but before it sets, the top cement layer is washed away to reveal the colourful aggregates underneath. You can choose rounded river pebbles or angular crushed stones, pulverised by machine. Aggregates are sorted into different colours such as reds, yellows, browns, and creams. Thus, you can mix and match hues to design an appealing driveway that blends with the surroundings. For example, combine dark grey and blue aggregates with cream ones that add sparkle. Contractors can also add pigments to the cement that shows between the aggregates rather than leave it grey. You could colour the cement to contrast with the stones or to blend with them.

3. Texture

The extra aggregates improve the traction when driving cars and walking on the paving. The texture is influenced by whether you choose rounded pebbles or sharp-edged stones. It's also affected by how much they're exposed. Contractors can wash away more or less cement, creating a smoother or bumpier driveway, whichever you specify. The texture also gives the paving an appealing natural look, perfect for a garden environment while making it safer.

4. Durability

Exposed aggregate concrete is extremely durable and withstands elements such as rain, hail, and sun. Sealing the paving will protect it from stains and weathering. Besides sealing, the concrete won't require much maintenance except an occasional wash with a garden hose. Additionally, the texture and colours of the stones tend to disguise oil or other spills, keeping it looking newer for longer.

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A home driveway can either enhance or detract from the kerb view. Rather than sticking with grey, why not lay exposed aggregate instead? Here are some